CoQuS Winter Semester 19/20

Lectures, Seminars and Lab Courses

University of Vienna

Technical University


141.212 Atoms - Light - Matter Waves

Lecturer(s): J. Schmiedmayer, I. Mazets, P. Haslinger

This lecture course will give an introduction into the physics of ultra cold matter
In SS2020 there will be continuation in a lecture on the physics of degenerate quantum gases (BEC, Fermi-gases, superfluidity, quantum simulation … )

When: 3 Blocks a 2 afternoons for lectures and 3x1 afternoon for student talks; First Block: Tu 15th and We 15th Oct. from 14:00-18:00 (with 2x coffee break)

Where: Atominstitut (Stadionallee 2, 1020 Vienna)

- refresh of essential parts of atomic physics .
- atom – light interaction.
- cooling of atoms with laser light.
- atom trapping
- optical tweezers
- optics and interferometry with matter waves